In May we took a trip back to the Pacific Northwest where I spent much of the first 40 years of my life. One of the favorite sites to take visitors was Multnomah Falls. So of course I wanted to take my husband Steve there. At the last moment we found out we needed special tickets to enter.

We were so confused. Did we get tickets online? Could we get them on site? Did we need them early in the morning? What if we only wanted to visit the main falls? With us, my pregnant daughter and a toddler we wanted to be sure we understood the process. In the end it was simple but the anxiety of not knowing caused extra stress to our trip.

And that’s when I realized how you, my client, might feel. A process that is second nature to me can be anxiety provoking for you.

Hiring a photographer for a custom photo session can bring lots of questions. How much does the service cost? How many pets can come? Where will we go for the photo session? How long does it all take?

The simplified process is shown on the graphic below with:

Step 1: The Free Planning Meeting

Step 2: The Portrait Session

Step 3: The Ordering Appointment

Step 4: Order pick up

Step 5: Enjoy your portraits forever

Blogs to each step are linked above. Step 5 is all yours 🙂 Be sure to check out my silly video clips on the Instagram page too.

If you are ready to jump into the first step all you need to do is schedule a FREE planning meeting . I will walk you through all the steps.