You’ve ordered all your beautiful prints, shared your social media ready images, and cleared your walls for your new portraits. When will they be ready for pick-up?

When your order arrives depends on a few factors. Albums take time to design, receive your approval and be sent to the lab. Some labs take longer to print. And the dreaded shipping issues can creep in. In general everything should be in and ready to pick up in about 2-4 weeks. Near holidays or special events we can sometimes choose expedited shipping.

Once all pieces of your order arrive at the studio I unbox everything and look it all over carefully. I make sure nothing is damaged, that the right images were printed, and that colors and exposure look great. If anything is slightly questionable I send in a request for reprinting and email you right away. Usually everything looks great and I will package it pretty and safe for transport.

Order pick-ups happen at the studio in Loveland by appointment. I ensure that all the prints and products are safe to travel to your home and for the short time they are in storage before being displayed or gifted. Sometimes this means you will pick up larger prints in the box they shipped to me in. These boxes are sturdy and re-using them means I am not adding to extra waste.

There’s always a cute paw print bag with a yummy goodie for your pets included too!

Once you hang your photos in your home I love to receive snapshots of the final display.

A review on Facebook and Google is also massively appreciated.

And of course referring friends, family and fellow pet lovers to Silver Paw Studio is the highest praise.

Now we’ve covered all 4 steps of the Photo Session Roadmap.

Here’s a recap:

1. Planning Meeting

2. Photo Session

3. Ordering Appointment

4. Order Pick-Up

Thanks for following along! Be sure to message me if you have any questions.

Be sure to check out my video clips on the Instagram page too.

If you are ready to jump into the first step all you need to do is schedule a FREE planning meeting . I will walk you through all the steps.