I’ve heard runners say the hardest part of a run is actually putting on the shoes. Once the shoes are on the rest of the process falls into place. Simply head out the door and on to the path.

When you are considering a pet photo session how do we start? For Silver Paw Studio the first step is always the Planning Meeting. This is the “putting on the shoes” part, once we meet the process falls into place.

This FREE meeting at the studio is where we get to know each other. I find out your portrait vision, you learn about what I offer, and we decide if we are a good fit.

Before this meeting you will receive a brief questionnaire to let me know key info about you and your pets.

Basic contact information like, who will be photographed (pets and people), names and how to address you (titles, pronouns, nicknames), phone number and address.

Specifics about each pet: breed, size, temperament, medical concerns, age and anything else I should know.

At the planning meeting you can bring your pets if you want! I love meeting everyone but if they are shy or not fond of travel they don’t need to come.

–In the meeting I will ask you about your portrait vision. Would you like an outdoor or studio session? Are you looking for one statement piece to hang in your home or an album of images? Is anyone celebrating a milestone you want to feature?

–I will show you samples of print products available and present my price menu

I encourage you to bring all your questions! 

If we decide we are a good fit together we discuss location and date of the session.

We also cover safety and weather points. I photograph almost all dogs on leash and edit the leashes later. We talk about what to do if the weather turns sour.

–We talk about how to handle other people and pets on locations

–What to expect from your pets if they see water, wildlife or new things.

Once all questions are answered and a date and location are chosen I collect the session fee retainer. Then we are all set for photo day!

Next week I will dive in deeper into Step 2- The Photo Session. We cover what to expect at the session from arrival to wrap up. Be sure to check out my video clips on the Instagram page too.

If you are ready to jump into the first step all you need to do is schedule a FREE planning meeting . I will walk you through all the steps.