Surrounded by Family

Now that you’ve had your pet and family portraits created what should you do with them? At your consultation with me we will have talked about some ideas but it’s easy to be overwhelmed when presented with all your beautiful images.

Important questions to ask yourself before you sit down to look through your gallery of images with me is where your portraits will be displayed in your home and who and where else you might want to have your portraits.

The first place people think is displaying framed prints and canvas wraps on their walls. Our studio has a special program that can show you your portraits on your wall. All you have to do is tape a piece of printer paper to the wall, snap a photo of the entire wall on your cell phone and text it or email it to me. Then when all of your pictures are ready to view we can see your favorites on your wall at the right size.

Now that we have your house decorated who else would like some of your new portraits? This is where a little bit of thought ahead of time comes in super handy.

Storyteller albums are about 25 of your favorite images presented in a custom album. These are great for your own home and consider giving them as gifts. They’re ideal for Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthdays, holidays like Christmas or as a surprise gift.

Often people order prints for their office or desk, parents and grandparents, and even digital copies for business. What about greeting cards? Maybe you need Christmas cards, graduation announcements, family reunion cards, save-the-date,  or birthday cards. We design custom greeting cards for any occasion.

Here is a handy Dream Sheet you can fill out before your viewing and ordering appointment. It will help you organize and prepare for who all might be on that special list to receive your portraits.

portrait product order

In this blog post once you have your prints home here’s how you can easily hang them on your wall.