On a hot summer day the last thing you want to do is take a young dog and elderly cat outside to be photographed!

Luckily for Podrick and Aislinn, we set up the studio in the comfort of their home. Liana & Sherman graciously invited me to their house to photograph their pets. We even surprised Sherman with a family photo!

Podrick is a young, active English Shepherd. From the moment I walked in he curiously sniffed out all my equipment, if he could talk he may have even offered to help set up! It only took a few minutes to set up and soon Podrick was munching on his favorite treats and posing handsomely for the camera.

Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-4  Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-7  Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-9


Aislinn strolled in after her nap to check out her new surroundings. Since the living room had been transformed into a studio she made sure everything met her approval. She checked around behind the backdrop and generally criss-crossed the scene. Look at the images below and guess her age.

Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-15   Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-17   Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-19

Did you guess 17 years? I didn’t either! We took it slowly with her, letting her wander in and out of the studio. We broke out her favorite treats, which she actually loved! By the time we moved on to a whole family photo she started to tell us she was about done.

I managed to take a couple family portraits before Aislinn called it a wrap.

Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-22   Sanders Family Silver Paw Studio-26

The whole session from set up to everything back in the car took only an hour.

You may know Liana from her business Sidehill Sitters. They provide quality pet care for the Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado areas. Services include pet sitting, dog walking, hospice visits and poop scooping. Liana is a graduate of Colorado State University (CSU) with degrees in biology and zoology, she teaches pet CPR, is certified by the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters and has extensive volunteer experience. Let’s just say she knows animals!

A big Thank You to Liana and Sherman for inviting me to photograph their delightful pets!