In May we held the annual Garden Paws (formerly Spring Me) Pet Portraits Fundraiser for Animal Friends Alliance.

I set up the studio with hanging ivy, wooden crates, bouquets of cloth flowers and fun floral collars. First we photographed all the adoptable animals. Volunteers brought in dogs one Saturday morning which made for a fun outing too. 

Then the entire setup went to the shelter to photograph the kitties. They loved laying on soft blankets in the crates.

If you want to watch the video of photographing everyone it’s on YouTube here.

Then I opened up sessions for YOUR pets. With a portion of all sales being donated to Animal Friends Alliance you jumped on the chance.

All day one Saturday in May I had a chance to meet, play with and photograph your pups. I had a blast and the dogs explored the the set and enjoyed treats.

Now that all of the orders are placed and delivered I finally totalled up the proceeds.

$350 dollars raised! Not only that I donated during the Saving Pet’s Challenge so the money could be matched. Currently Animal Friends Alliance is in second place with brings a substantial financial bonus. That bonus is doubled at the first place level. If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet you have until the end of September 2021. Here’s the link.

My goal every year is to continue to volunteer weekly and be able to give financially. YOU have helped boost those efforts and save the lives of homeless dogs and cats.

Thank you!!