Themes, phrases and words of the year are an excellent way to set a Guiding Star towards how you want to live your year, life or season. 

Typically mine come from a desire to add something to my life as opposed to changing it.

Last year the word was “Calm” With the chaos of the previous two years I wanted to add more moments of Calm, slowing down and deliberation. It worked! I take my mornings slower now, my anxiety is less and I started the fun habit of bullet journalling.

With Calm a permanent fixture in my life now what did I want to add? By October of 2022 it came to me.


For decades I’ve reflected I didn’t enjoy my childhood. I longed to just grow up and had an extremely difficult time playing and being a kid. While many see me as a goofy and silly person I find I really want to embody more whimsy and play in my life. 

For me Whimsy means playful, spontaneous, colorful, cute, and creative

How will I add more Whimsy? Leaving googly eyes hidden at friends houses, collecting stickers, and adding more color to my home and office.

For photography I will capture more goofy in-between images, action, colorful backdrops and silly poses. (In addition to all the regal and posed images.)

Do you choose a word or phrase for the year? I would love to know what it is and why!

My calendar is opened to new photo and video projects now and I would love to have a no-pressure FREE consult with you. Click here to pick a date.

Enjoy these whimsical photos of past clients. I can see you smiling now.

striped tabby kitten standing up with paws spread out
black and white poodle jumping up on a yellow studio backdrop
white and black dog running with a blue ball in his mouth wearing pink dog goggles
basket of eight week old tan and white cavalier king charles spaniel puppies in a woven basket
family and dogs on motorcycle in back yard posing for group photo
three month old brown and white puppy loungin on grey chair in studio with blue background
small brown dog sitting in playground tunnel shaped like a face
bull dog with tongue out at a lake with setting sun behind him
cute dog wearing pink flower crown laying on green spring grass
white and black dog running with a blue ball in his mouth wearing pink dog goggles