My Pet is My Valentine

Yes another Valentine’s Day is now upon us. A “Hallmark Holiday” if you will.

Raise a paw if you feel:

🐾 It’s a reminder that society isn’t embracing LGBTQ+ love?

🐾 If you are not in a relationship you are unworthy?

🐾 That you are only truly celebrating your love if you spend lots of money?

🐾 That love is some mushy weird fantasy land?

In many ways it has become a twisted heteronormative expensive weird buying holiday. Instead of people feeling loved and included the holiday is slowly becoming a day many loath.

Can I offer an alternative?

Valentine’s Day can be all about your pets! 

Go on an extra long walk with your pups, give your kitties a blanket warm out of the dryer, sneak a few extra treats, and generally spend some quality time with them.

Now this is a tradition I can look forward to!

Hey even if you don’t have pets at this moment you can go chill with an adoptable pet or take some time to cherish memories of past pets.

Many shelters like Animal Friends Alliance even have an Amazon wish list. You could surprise all the animals with a special delivery!

Whether or not you partake in the Valentine’s Day holiday I want you to know I think you are amazing, worthy of love and I support you!

I strive for inclusivity in everything I do. Love is expressed in so many ways, who am I to restrict or judge this basic human need? LOVE YOU!