To Blave

Princess Bride fan ? If you so you know that what I really said was not “To Blave” but “True Love”.

Steve proposed in September of 2019 and as of spring of 2020 the plan was to have a Thanksgiving weekend wedding. Invite friends and family and make a three day celebration of it. But Covid cases continued to rise. All of our family members live out of state so we felt it would be too great a risk to invite everyone to travel to us. So we cancelled the wedding.

But we really wanted to marry in 2020 and looked into our options. We found out that in Colorado we are not required to have an officiant or witnesses. So we hatched a plan for the most intimate tiny wedding ever.

In a grand gesture to kick 2020 to the curb in style Steve and I were married on New Years Eve! We ordered everything to be delivered or pick up, Steve built an arch in the back yard and I bought a dress.

German chocolate cake and decorated focaccia bread from Juli at Glitter Sweet Bake Shop, italian food from Roccos, and flowers from Audra Rose were all ordered as delivery or curbside pick up.

Once family and friends found out they requested photos and videos they could enjoy later. We chose not to livestream the ceremony as the tech would take away from our enjoying the moment.

As a photographer and videographer of course I labored over how to record everything high quality AND enjoy this amazing day with Steve. How can I easily set up cameras and then engross myself in my own wedding?

I finally figured it out! The day arrived and I set up two video cameras and an audio recorder. I used my phone throughout the day for vlog style snippets. And we even took some selfies with my pocket Sony ZV1 camera. And everything worked splendidly!

To see video of the wedding and how I set up everything head over to my newest YouTube video

Three days later we dressed up again and met up with my friend for professional photos too. We visited the lake we used to live on with the incredible mountain view, we stopped by the bookstore Steve and I met at, and we ended in our backyard near sunset. Amy is beginning her wedding and event photography journey and was so much fun to work with. Here are some of her images. 

bride and groom with dog
bride and groom and geese
bride and groom on bench
bride and groom and pup posing under arch
Steve Monique and Bailey at Wedding Arch
Steve and Monique at Dicken's Alley
rings in roses
Steve and Monique with Rocky Mountains in Background

We plan to have a big party reception as soon as it’s safe enough (hopefully late summer?) Until then we are hanging in there and biding our time to hug and travel and celebrate together.

Thanks for letting my share my special day with you. It really helps me stay connected and involved.

Sometimes photos and videos are the only way we can share our lives with family and friends in other cities. I have all my safety protocols in place to provide you with lovely professional pet and family photos you can share. Simply call, text or email to find out your options.