Have you heard my Tales with Tails Podcast? For two years I have experimented with different content formats.

The first season were all of my animal related stories from over the years. You heard about my Heart dog Libby, my goofy Golden Retriever Gypsy, how I put my Fish in Costumes and more.

The next two seasons were all of YOUR tales. Friends, colleagues, and family reminisced about their pet and animals tales. My sister told the tale of the time her Kitties Partied Hard, Kate told of her Cuddly Dragon, and you were the first to hear of my dog Bailey.

Summer 2019 I joined as co-host of the Critter Patter Radio Show on KRFC 88.9 fm Radio Fort Collins. They graciously allowed me to air the interviews from that show on the Tales with Tails Podcast.

There are over 23 shows featuring animal experts from Scott Rashid talking Owls, Amber Quann the dog trainer who created Drink With Your Dog, and Jenn Holmes of K9 Fitness Works and many more fascinating conversations.

Summer of 2020 I retired from the radio show and let the podcast sit on the back burner. Over six weeks I pondered what the next iteration of the show would be. “What kind of podcast would I like to hear?” One day it dawned on me, how about a journal style? I would love to know what a week in the life of a pet photographer/ creative business owner is like. Why not share my own?

Fall of 2020 the 5th season debuted. A Peek Behind the Paw. Each week I shared the ups and downs, struggles and triumphs of my life and business as a pet photographer. 

You walked with me through the fall of the pandemic, raging forest fires within a mile from my house, client projects, health issues, YouTube goals and so much more. 

I am enjoying this newest format immensely. It’s a raw, real look at what it’s like to run a creative business. With the internet full of polished highlight reels of only the good days I want to keep it real. My hope is that sharing these condensed accounts of my week will resonate with fellow creatives. Not every day is sunshine and roses. There are down days too.

And revealing both sides to celebrate or learn from is a universal struggle. Look forward to new episode in early 2021. 

Happy New Year!