Spring has officially sprung! Except…Colorado.

Washington State and Washington DC are reveling in flower laden cherry trees and blossoms galore already. But Colorado likes to mix it up. Spring, Summer, Winter all in the same week.

It took me a long time to adjust when I moved here from Washington State. I have learned we do have flowering trees, but they don’t poke out until the end of April and early May. The season is much shorter here so I make sure to appreciate it before the hot summer takes over. I have a few Northern Colorado spring flower hotspots to share with you! 

1. Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland. For a tiny park it packs in a massive amount of nature and beauty. Lucy posed with a large pink tree in early May.

2. City Park in Fort Collins. Little Seth sat on top of a rock in front of a small light pink tree.

3. Glenmere Park in Greeley. Boswell & Iorek strolled through an entire path of stunning white flowering trees in early May.

4. Throughout Northern Colorado we have an abundance of bright lilac bushes. Bailey relaxed in our back yard in early May.

We might be high desert here on the front range but we have lovely pockets of spring colors. Your pup would look amazing in any of these locations! Schedule a free planning meeting to take advantage of this fleeting time. TAP HERE to schedule.