“Winter is Coming!”

I think that line is from Game of Thrones but I’ve never watched it so…..

In fact SNOW is predicted for next week here in Colorado!

We are having a glorious fall so far. Mild temps, vibrant colors and very little wind.

That will all change on Wednesday. Snow and plummeting temps are on the way. We know weather is fickle this time of year so it may just blow on by. But why risk it?

If you are wanting fall color photos NOW is the time! After the storm passes there may be a few days of 60+ degrees and likely some leaves still in tact. But the wind could wipe out the yellow leaves or turn them brown.

My calendar is filling so be sure you secure your date. This time of year outdoor photos are best in the morning around 8/9:00 and evening around 4:00.

Look at your calendar, book your planning meeting, and let’s get those awesome Colorado portraits done!