I wrote something and deleted it. Then I wrote again and deleted it. Editing my words to land softly doesn’t always work.

So here’s the truth: I am tired.

The last 2 full years of a pandemic for many of us has been grueling. For a self-employed business owner it’s been a constant state of adjustment.

What started as a need to simplify my YouTube videos for December became simplifying my entire business in December.

To prepare for this I have worked double time this fall:

🐾 I’ve served incredible clients with photos and commercial video.

🐾 I created an entire (geared toward Pet Photogs but feel free to check it out).

🐾I’ve kept up with the l

🐾 And continued my new .

2022 holds fabulous colossal plans I am dancing around to tell you. But first I have to slow down.

My business coach has a phrase “Slow Down to Speed Up”. Kind of like the train whos been chugging up the hill with all it’s might. There’s a pause on the precipice at the top. Then a rocket of energy taking off to a new glorious destination.

📅 I am closed to new projects for the remainder of 2021 but you can schedule your consultation for photos or videos for January here.

Otherwise let the wind whip through your hair with me as the 2022 train leaves the station in January!