Shy Pups

Between public speaking, 100’s of livestreams, 200+ YouTube videos and workshops people are often completely shocked to learn I used to be Unbearable Shy.

I couldn’t make phone calls, I sat in the back of every classroom, and people generally terrified me.

My dream job as teen was wanting to input data in a far corner cubicle computer with no phone and minimal human interaction.

Don’t get me wrong I am still shy (not the same as introverted it turns out). I am tongue tied when speaking with celebrities, I am nervous before a live event, and I hesitate to hit publish on especially vulnerable content (like this).

What finally happened? A culmination of life, events and mindset.

Ultimately my hopes and dreams pushed me out of my bubble.

If I wanted to be a photographer I couldn’t do that alone in a grey cubicle.

My shyness has become a wealth of knowledge. I listen well and am deeply empathetic to others who are shy.

Recently I even had a shy puppy at the studio. The family and I kept in contact in the weeks leading up to the session. We put a plan in place and thought through how we could make the session comfortable and even fun.

The day arrived and I made sure to move slowly, throw lots of treats and give her space. She did gain confidence with her sister there and both of her humans.

The session went well and by the end of the hour she was coming to me for treats!

Empathy is powerful. The more we practice the more we have and the more we can give.

If you want to see behind the scenes of that photo session Nicole graciously allowed me to film. Check out the YouTube video here.

two chihuahua puppies posing in studio
chihuahua puppy posing in studio
chihuahua puppy posing in studio
two chihuahua puppies posing in studio