When I read a Facebook post of Weld Humane Society being at capacity I pondered how I could help.

My friend Frank and I planned to have coffee that week and I suspected he would be up for a challenge. He jumped at the offer of course.

Within a couple days we contacted the shelter and set a date to go out together to photograph as many adoptable animals as we could in two hours.

That morning I scrolled through the adoption pages. Over 80 animals were waiting to be adopted! How many did we think we could photograph?

On our drive over we set a goal of 20 animals – dogs and cats. The plan was to split the workload. We would switch off photographing every other pet and planned to edit the photos within a day.

Although cloudy the day seemed unusually warm forcing us inside after photographing 9 dogs in the spacious play yard.

Inside we set up the little portable studio table in a tiny meet and greet room. A few kitties modeled for us there before we started running out of time.

Last stop was in the “Cat Rooms”. Big rooms with multiple kitties living together with all their cat trees, food and quiet sleeping nooks. In here we wandered around amongst the kitties snapping photos within their environment.

Sarah, the Marketing & Development Director, graciously too the morning to help us at every stage and we managed to hit our goal plus some in about a 3 hour visit.

Both Frank and I couldn’t believe neither of us had ever volunteered there! We promised to come back and help again and possibly on an on-going basis!

We recorded a fun video of our time there you can watch now on YouTube here.

I absolutely love volunteering to causes close to my heart. Even if I didn’t run a pet photography businesses I would still be doing this work.

If you are looking for a dog, cat or little pet and can’t seem to find a good fit in Fort Collins or Loveland consider looking out to Weld County! If you are not even in Colorado perhaps there is an organization just outside your normal parameters. You might be surprised what you find!