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Have you ever bought a new car and suddenly noticed that model all over town?

I think that is what it’s like with animal lovers. Somehow we are attuned to each other. Maybe it’s the “Wag More, Bark Less” bracelet, or the pet lovers license plates, or the “Wipe Your Paws” welcome mat. For me it’s the way someone lights up when you mention animals.

When I met Ashley at a business event I wore my Monique Renee Photography polo shirt (parent company of Silver Paw Studio). The moment I mentioned pet photography her eyes lit up and for the next 20 minutes we swapped pet stories. The story of Miss Bliss instantly tugged at my heart.

Spring of this year Ashley found Miss Bliss at Animal House Rescue here in Fort Collins. She fell in love with the little special needs shihtzu and whisked her home to her boyfriend Mike and Maltese Rambo.

Everyone knew Miss Bliss came with a liver issue and had her on special medication. But Miss Bliss kept feeling worse so Ashley took her in for an MRI. Bleak news of a liver shunt made it clear that she would have only months left in her new family.

Ashley and Mike showered her with love, attention, and medical care. During her photo session she wore the cutest little skirt diaper. When they had to work long days “grandma” would spoil the dogs. Rambo taught Miss Bliss the joy of carrots as treats.

By October she had taken a turn for the worse and wasn’t expected to make it through the weekend. We canceled the photo session and held our breath for her to perk up. She bounced back for a few days so we scheduled for November 7th. Unfortunately by November 5th she completely lost her sight and Ashley and Mike made the difficult decision to let her go. We all arranged our schedules to photograph her that night.

I set up my studio in the entry of their home and gently curled Miss Bliss on a fluffy pillow and soft blanket. Rambo sat next to her for a couple images and at the end the whole family sat together. She enjoyed one last carrot and lots of loves from everyone.

Two weeks later I met with Ashley to show her all the images. She chose this nice trio to display in her home. Everyone is adjusting to the absence of Miss Bliss but she will never be forgotten.

As Silver Paw Studio I offer a special portrait session for hospice care pets. The Family Jewel Session is tailored especially for elderly or infirmed pets generally near the end of their life. As a pet lover I know every moment is cherished from puppy hood through the golden years. Please call me if you have a pet you would like one last portrait session with.