Do you ever have upcoming conversations play out in your mind ahead of time? How you will say something and what they might say back?

Driving to the dentist today I replayed several times the questions I wanted to remember to ask about my Invisalign braces treatment.

My 17 weeks of aligners are done and now I needed to decide if I need more or if I am done.

This is the how my pretend conversation went:

“Hey Dr. I have just a couple concerns about my treatment this far. I may want to opt for more aligners but it might not be a big deal and I am not sure if it will make a difference.”

A mile down the road I almost pulled over. I realized I was invalidating my questions before the doctor could even respond! My pesky lizard brain stepped in to try and convince me that my questions were silly and I was inconveniencing the dentist.

Then and there I gave myself permission to “pretend” (as this conversation hadn’t actually happened yet) that my questions were all valid. That the dentist wants to hear what my sincere concerns are and wants to help.

Once there they listened empathetically, supported my concerns. scanned my teeth, and have sent in for more aligner trays. They agreed the extra weeks will make an even bigger difference in my treatment.

Do you ever play out pretend conversations and sabotage the outcome before it even becomes real? I hear clients and friends (and myself) do this all the time.

Typically starting with “This may be a dumb question….”

From the perspective of being the person ASKED a question I ALWAYS want to listen and help!

I encourage every client and potential client to ask as many questions as possible so we make sure everything is what you need and envision.

So if you need to hear this today, “I herby give you permission to ask me questions!

You might be considering hiring me for the first time and know nothing about my process and need to know what to expect for every step. I am absolutely here for you and love getting to you know better and finding how we can be a good fit. 

From puppy portraits to full blown video productions there are so many aspects you might have questions or concerns about.

If you have a question right now please reach out via email at or via call or text to 970-286-3198.