Is your kitty ready for their big debut?

Here are 10 Tips for Preparing your Cat for Portraits.

Kitten Basket

1. Groom at least one to two days before the photo session. Look for matts close to the face. Have tissues for eye goobies or any other random needs. Keep a brush close by to tame last minute snarls.

2. If you have a young/playful kitty play with them for a while just before the photo session.

3. Only feed half breakfast if your cat is food motivated this way during the session you can give plenty of treats but not over feed him and still keep attention.

4. Keep safety in mind. Most cats are photographed inside. If you want to go outside put a leash or harness on. If you have a catio that is even better.

5. Prepare your environment. Don’t plan anything out of routine that day. Avoid any stressful household activities like vacuuming. Try using a calming spray or diffuser a few hours/day ahead.

6. If you’re going to be in the photos think about what you’re going to wear. Usually I suggest a color that’s a little contrast to the cat so if you have a white cat wear a dark shirt if you have a darker cat wear a lighter shirt.

7. Practice handling your cat. If you cat won’t tolerate being held or placed please let your photographer know.

8. Consider props if your cat has a favorite toy or blanket Include them in some of the images.

9. Bring an assistant this could be your spouse your kids or your cat’s best friend. That said the fewer people “on set” the better.

10. Prepare yourself. If you are in a good mood your cat will be in a good mood. Patience and positivity go a long ways.

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