Elvis sauntered right up to me, plopped on the ground and ignored me. Smooth, real smooth.

Poochy Doos, pet sitting, Ft. Collins

Elvis Poochy Doos

Meanwhile Tinker and Kitten eyed me nonchalantly from a distance. Without the magic silver can I was barely worth a second glance. Ah, Friskies you attention hoarder.

So who do these calm critters await? Who could possibly be more sought after than me?

Mary and Ann of course! I should have known, the Poochy Doos duo are the Top Dogs!


Wielding scrumptious meals, keeping snuggles at the ready, and following a comforting routine this team is their family when family is away.

Mary, Ann, and the whole Poochy Doos team are dedicated pet sitters, dog walkers & hikers, and dog training service in the Fort Collins, Colorado and surrounding area.

Poochy Doos Puppy Kisses

Curios about what a visit with Poochy Doos would be like I asked to tag along one evening.

The routine Poochy Doos follows is the same routine the pets are already accustomed to.

Meals are served at the same time the owner serves. The pet sitter comes and goes just like the family. Up and out the door in the morning “going to work”, a visit for lunch midday if needed, and home at night “after work”.

Evenings are filled with normal activities like watering plants, checking the mail, cleaning up and watching t.v.

On this visit Ann fed Elvis, Tinker and Kitten then headed for the barn. This family has a few feral kitties they nurture until they are ready for a permanent home. All their dishes were lined up and filled.

Poochy Doos Cat Feeding

Next it’s out to fill the wild bird feeders while Tinker and Kitten oversee.

Poochy Doos Bird Feeding

Poochy Doos Bird Feeding

Poochy Doos Kitten

We all enjoyed dinner on the back patio chatting, watching the birds feed and Elvis lounge.

After only two hours I felt like I made new friends. We all share the same passion for animals, the same dedication to their wellbeing, and compassion for animals in general.

Thanks Poochy Doos for a sneak peek into your world!

Give them a call if you have questions about any of their pet services at 1-970-420-9181.