1,000 YouTube Subscribers Goal Reached!

With 200 videos filmed over two years I have finally reached the 1,000 subscribers milestone on YouTube! Only 4 in 10 channels every reach this goal and I can understand why!

Producing a 10 minute video that is educational, entertaining and captivating takes around 8 hours. Why??

Let’s look at an average video:

  1. Research and brainstorm the entire concept.
  2. Then scripting or outlining the script.
  3. Next set up all the equipment and coordinate anyone else that will be in the video or helping.
  4. Then film everything.This can include talking to the camera, overhead views, close ups, transitional pieces and the list goes on and on.
  5. From there the footage needs to be organized and any other assets gathered such as logos, graphs, stock video or effects.
  6. Then you can start editing. Depending on the prep in the above steps this can be a long process.
  7. Finally you upload and share!

By now your eyes are wide and your mind racing and the next logical question is:

“Why on earth would you do all this for a YouTube channel?”

For me it all started when I couldn’t find the content I needed. When volunteering to photograph shelter animals I looked everywhere for resources. And whenever I need help with client shoots or edits I do an internet search. And I couldn’t find anything! So I started the channel myself!

The first year was a giant content experiment. I filmed what came to mind and had no idea what anyone even wanted. However my skills quickly escalated to the point that I could then start taking on paying video clients!

By spring of 2020 I had fellow pet photographers reaching out for help with their photography and business aspirations. So I added business content too. And started a separate email group, Facebook Group and Instagram page throughout the summer. Now I have a mission to help pro and aspiring pro pet photographers! (Exciting things coming up for them too.)

My goal is to reach the next YouTube milestone of monetization. Then I will be able to directly earn income from YouTube.

If you need videos created for your business, especially pet centered business, then reach out! I am always brimming with ideas!

To celebrate the 1,000 subscribers Steve, Bailey and I filmed a party themed photo shoot! You can check out the entire fun video here. These are some of my favorite images.

Monique and bailey throwing confetti
Bailey small white dog with party supplies
Bailey small white dog dancing in tutu
Bailey small white dog dancing in tutu
Bailey small white dog with party hat
Bailey small white dog with bowtie