Do you overcomplicate ideas too?

Saturday morning enjoying an early morning coffee in the backyard I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous warm light on Bailey as she wandered around the yard with the little sunflowers glowing behind her.

As a natural teacher my mind immediately leapt to photographing her and filming the process. We could go to the nature walk down the road. Maybe I could put a sunflower on her collar too?

From there I started cataloguing the equipment I needed to bring. Main camera and lenses, video camera, microphone, tripod, treats and Steve as the helper.

And then I realized I would have to put this all together in the next few minutes while the light and temps were ideal.

Should I spring up from my seat, shower and gather everything right this instant?

As a holiday weekend I decided that I would rather enjoy my downtime and so I abandoned the entire idea.

After a few more minutes a lightbulb suddenly went off-HEY I could still photograph Bailey. I didn’t need to make it a big production. My camera was just a few feet away.

So for the next 5 minutes in my pjs I coaxed Bailey around the yard with yummy treats. Steve helped while our breakfast was simmering too!

Bailey at sunrise with sunflowers

I am so happy I gave myself a break and took some snapshots with the “big” camera.

Have you found yourself in a similar moment? Making everything so complex you don’t pursue an idea at all?

Sometimes that is what I hear from clients too. When planning a photo session you are overwhelmed with:

Busy schedules, not perfectly trained dogs, not sure a location, leash safety….

I can simplify everything! With one simple planning meeting all the details are worked out.

I cover safety, locations, how I work with your pets and people, and answer any questions.

If a photo session seems overwhelming let me assure you I take care of all the details. You simply show up with your lovely smiles and pets ready for a great time!

Ready to schedule your FREE planning meeting? Simply email me at or

Bailey at sunrise
Bailey at sunrise with sunflowers
Bailey in sunflowers looking up