Ideas bombard me at every turn. Even when I am sleeping. I often wake up thinking I already worked an entire shift overnight!

Most mornings over coffee I excitedly relay my newest idea to Steve.

“Steve I have an idea!”

“Only One?” is his reply.

I feel like it’s kind of a superpower (even though it steals my sleep sometimes).

When I have a photo (or video) consultation with you most of the meeting is listening to your story. What your pets are like, what you would like from the project, and what your vision is.

Within minutes I am already formulating ideas. A location, a time of day, a place you can display your photos. I can even SEE your final photos in my imagination.

Are you hesitating to schedule a photo (or video) session with me because you are not sure exactly what you want? No worries!

You simply need to have a chat with me and my idea superpower will kick in!

Check out my . Are you in the video?