It’s a NO BONES weekend.

If you are not familiar with this here is a synopsis:

Every morning a man named Jon has a ritual with his 13 year old pug Noodle. To prep Noodle for his morning walk Jon gently lifts him up from his comfy bed to gauge his energy. If Noodle stands up its a “Bones Day” and if he sinks back down in bed it’s a “No Bones Day”.

4 Million people around the WORLD have fallen in love with Noodle. On Bones Days we all put on our button pants and tackle the world. On NO Bones Days we relax in stretchy pants and take a quiet day. Essentially a dog is leading our productivity and self care regime.

And I am here for it.

October has been incredible for sessions and video productions in the studio. Fall is super popular and I call it my “Season of Sacrifice”. I work every day knowing it is one month of intensity then some down time.

That down time is here! My sister is visiting for her birthday weekend and I will be unplugged from the business until Tuesday, November 2nd.

We are going to have a NO BONES WEEKEND!

I have big announcements coming up about the remainder of 2021 and what 2022 is shaping up to look like for all three of my branches Silver Paw Studio, Pro Pet Photog and Cattail Chronicles.

But that can wait until next week when we have a Bones Day.

Thank you everyone who replied to my post last week about the pandemic. I truly care for you and want the best for you and your families and friends.

Here’s to a No Bones/Self Care weekend for you too.

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