It’s true. After 3 1/2 years at my Loveland studio it’s time to move on up…to Fort Collins!

It’s exciting to announce that the space is being shared with another pet based business you likely know, Red Sage Veterinary. Last fall they moved their main office to a new building but are still using part of the Horsetooth location. They had extra unused space and we worked out a an agreement to share the building. My studio is in what used to be known as “The Big Gym”.

This month I am working on fully moving in, getting some new furniture pieces and decorating. I will be fully open to you WITH walk-in hours by March. However I am in the space now and can have meetings and sessions there, just pardon the unfinished-ness.

More information to come about events, specials, and more. Mark you map at 1027 West Horsetooth Road #101, Fort Collins, CO 80526 as the new location for Silver Paw Studio.

My calendar is opened to new photo and video projects now and I would love to have a no-pressure FREE consult with you. Click here to pick a date.