When preparing to visit my daughter, Amber, we always make a Pinterest board of potential photo ideas. With Henry’s 6 month mark quickly approaching she asked that we do a Milk Bath session.

I had never heard of this concept and found myself down a rabbit hole. Babies in baths of milk with flowers floating around them. Women maternity photos with flowy fabric and flowers. And even older kids with fruit floating in milk.

For Henry’s photos we decided on simple greenery of ferns and babies breath from the grocery store floral department. We used powdered milk mixed with warm water and a towel under him. The results are very dreamy and ethereal.

Of course I had to brainstorm a way to adapt this photo concept for dogs too!

Two weeks before my arrival she added Kobe to the family. He is a three year old Golden Retriever that became instant buddies with Ranger their 2 year old Labrador.

For this concept we used hose water (it was a very hot Georgia day), the rest of the powdered milk, and some liquid milk. Around them we floated milkbone dog biscuits. I give you:

Milk & Cookies!

(Behind the scenes video here on YouTube.)

This session was messy and fun! I already have ideas on how to make it better too. If you want to try Milk & Cookies photos with your pups let me know! Especially now with the warm weather if your dog likes pools and treats they will love this session!