Trying a new grid layout over on Instgram this summer. Implementing my theme of Tales with Tails I am telling one story in one week with 9 photos. My first grid introduced me and my pupper Bailey. To read the entire story together looks like this from bottom right all the way to to the top left:

Woofs & Purrs Everyone! Introducing myself and my pupper Bailey this week. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
My name is Monique Renee and I am THE FurTographer (and owner) here at Silver Paw Studio. ⠀⠀
I relocated to Colorado from Washington State 8 years ago. Bluebird skies, Rocky Mountains, and amazing people keep me in this lovely state.Many years ago I raised 5 children (blended family) and managed a veterinary practice. On the side I photographed all my kids and their friends, animals at the vet hospital, local events, kids sports & scouts and essentially everything!

Once in Colorado with only one child at home and in highschool I had many, many hours of free time. Not surprising that somehow I found myself back working at a veterinary office. But photography kept calling me back….⠀

Photography is my destiny. No matter how I am feeling, what is happening in the world, or what opportunities arise-everything leads back to photography.So I retired from the veterinary industry and jumped into professional photography full time. My little dog Libby was always my muse. She would do anything for a tiny crumb of Tillamook Cheese.

When Libby passed away in 2016, the last child graduated and moved away and I found myself in a sudden divorce I wasn’t sure what would happen with my life. So I took a kind of walk-about journey to my family for a couple months. And of course I found myself photographing everything around me even in the depths of my sorrow and uncertainty. Eventually I knew I had to return to Colorado.

Back in Colorado I pounced on my photography business with a vengeance. Enrolled in a 6 month coaching program and spent all my time revamping after nearly 6 months absent. While my heart still ached for a dog I knew my lifestyle didn’t allow it. “Someday” I told myself.

“Empty Nest” doesn’t do the reality justice. Empty World is more like it. With all my human children scattered throughout the country and no pets in 2017 I felt lost. Photographing all my clients pets and the adoptable pets at the shelters help enormously! If it weren’t for my business my days would have been bleak indeed!⠀Did I finally add a furbaby to my new world?

Fast forward 2 years. Met an amazing man and after a year and a half of dating I moved in with him. In no uncertain terms I said I would have a dog again someday. Living in an apartment his only requests were that it be small, no shedding and we had to commit to lots of walks. Easy peasy! How long did it take to find a new pupper? 

February 2018 one of my clients dogs passed away suddenly the same day as their photo session. The next morning I sat in sorrow on my couch, sipping coffee, and scrolling through Pet Finder. Exactly 2 years prior my heart dog, Libby, had passed away. I had started casually browsing for a new pup almost as soon as I moved in with Steve. Now 6 months later sitting on the couch my scrolling stopped. I ran into the office that winter morning at 7:00 am to show Steve the perfect dog. Right here at Larimer Humane Society. His response? “Ok, why aren’t you there already?” “They open at 11:00-get your shoes on!” I danced. Any guesses on the outcome? 😉 

 We added Bailey to our family on February 5, 2019. She is nearly 8 years old now. We believe she is combination of bichon, poodle and maltese. In any case she is 100% diva. She has even taken over one of the Highlighted Stories here on IG with her daily posts of “Bailey’s Wisdom”. There is so much more to say about Bailey, but I will leave that to another tale.