The most popular time of year for photo sessions is the fall. And it’s nearly here!

Whether for the cooler temps, the pretty colors, or holiday gift perhaps you are ready for your fall portrait session.

The first step in the process is a planning meeting. I ask a variety of questions but one that many haven’t considered is the location.

My studio is a location option year round but what if you want an outdoor look?

“Manicured” or “Wild” is the first question.

To clarify a Manicured location would be perhaps your landscaped yard, a park, or a local garden.

Wild would be a natural area, meadow, or waterfront.

(You were thinking mustaches 🧔 weren’t you?)

Either option is lovely! But what you need to consider is what fits your family/pets best. What would you like to see on the wall?

You and your pets on a trim lush green lawn with specimen trees and flowers? Or by a flowerbed and pretty fence? Or on a park bench?

Or everyone on a dirt trail under huge cottonwoods? Or in a wild meadow? Or sitting on a downed tree trunk?

All the options will vary based on which location but you can start to envision what is appealing for your family and pets.

As a pro photographer in this area for many years I know all kinds of cool locations for either type of look. And I am always on the lookout for hidden gems.

So what would you prefer? Manicured or Wild?

Be sure to book your fall portrait session soon as the leaf colors and perfect temps are extremely fleeting. Call, text or email to set up Your (free) Planning Meeting.