Snowy winter days are for hot chocolate, movies, and fireplaces right? Not for this photographer!
Anisha and Animals Snow Silver Paw Studio
Months of planning and one well timed snow storm made for a magic portrait session.
As a veterinary student at CSU (Colorado State University) Anisha has very little time for anything besides studying. We knew we wanted to have a portrait session in the snow and kept in close contact anytime a storm seemed imminent. As luck would have it a snow storm hit on Thanksgiving when she had a 4 day weekend!
Anisha with her horse, Slick, and 2 cattle dogs, Diego & Daisy, happily met me at the barn during Thanksgiving weekend.
Romping through the snow in their winter sweaters, I snapped some images of the pups playing while Anisha prepped Slick.
Anisha and Animals Snow Silver Paw Studio-0573 Anisha and Animals Snow Silver Paw Studio-0603
Tiny snowflakes continued to fall as we headed into the field. Top of the list of requested images was photos of everyone together. I had everyone walk slowly across the pristine half foot of snow, then follow the fence line, and finally walk slowly back toward me. Once in the middle of the field posed family photos were next. By now the dogs were ready to run and play again but patiently waited in the snow for the few minutes I needed.
Anisha and Animals Snow Silver Paw Studio--2
Finally it came time for Slick to have his playtime! We removed all of his gear and let him kick up snow to his content!
Anisha and Animals Snow Silver Paw Studio-0950
This session is one of several in a year long project which will be completed by late spring 2016. Anisha and I  both agree that this session is so far our favorite and most magical. What do you think?
Winter can be a beautiful time for pet and family portraits, please call me to plan yours too!
 Anisha and Animals Snow Silver Paw Studio-0908