One of the most heartbreaking days of my life happened exactly five years ago.

Having pivoted from just “people” photography to pets AND people a year or two prior I finally hit an upcurve in business. My clients were amazing and fall sessions were filling.

As a rising livestream personality I was a founding board member of The PetScope TV network. We all gathered at a conference that weekend at the Animal Behaviour Center and had a grand time.

I came home a day early to photograph a pet supply story grand opening in Denver with my then husband.

But that night my world turned upside down. My husband announced he no longer wanted to be married to me.

Blindsided I couldn’t believe it. After 17 years together. I raised his three kids as well as my two. We moved half way across the country for his job. I was isolated from all my family.

For the next month I would cry all day, then wipe away the tears and head out to photograph a client and their lovely pets. The only bright spot in my day.

By Thanksgiving I had decided to drive to the PNW to spend time with family while we worked out our marriage troubles.

Instead of working on our marriage he started packing and we made plans to separate.

For two and a half months I bounced around Washington state.

Completely lost and devastated I lived in a haze. It felt like I was standing behind a waterfall. The water obscuring the view and the crashing noise drowning any sound.

I wrote lists and lists of ideas of what I could do with my life now. Would I continue photography? If so how?

All the while I took my camera where ever I could. Although I could barely function with eating and sleeping I somehow had the draw to pick up my camera nearly every day.

Eventually I found a counsellor and an attorney and made the journey home to an empty house. Coming out of the haze I realized my path and dove in full force.

I signed up for a 6 month business intensive, I rearranged my office, I started livestreaming again and eventually made it back to photographing at the animal rescues.

If it weren’t for photography and incredible supportive people and clients like YOU I am not sure where I would be today. Photography gives me purpose. A way to serve. A way to brighten my day and YOUR day.

My life now feels like a dream come true. I have a loving husband, a cozy home and a business back on track.

I am deeply grateful for you. Thank you for supporting my business. YOU ROCK!

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