Remember Christmas Maker’s Markets? We all milled about in crowded gymnasiums browsing through tables and tables of art.

December 2018 I squeezed through cavernous rooms bursting with the best art and handmade goods I had ever seen. Suddenly I stopped in my tracks at one booth in the corner.

Puzzled I studied the wildlife depictions before me. Were they photos or drawings?

A great horned owl perched on a branch ready to fly took my breath away. A rainbow trout vibrant and glistening I could almost feel the moisture.

We lingered quite a while at this booth and I instantly followed her on Instagram.

Meet Kit Gray Illustration! I don’t actually know her personally at all but continue to be in awe of her work. (She did approve me gushing about her to you though)

She often posts a drawing in progress including her hand holding the pencil. I have commented several times I had to double take to see it is a drawing!

AND she even opens up spots for commision drawings of YOUR pets! She is due to have times available soon so I highly suggest you sign up for her newsletter to be first in line.

Kit describes herself on her Instagram Bio as:

naturalist, birder, + artist. documenting and finding sanctuary in nature. dog mom to a wobbly pit mix + a greyhound. lupus patient + cyborg. 🤖 🌈

As the subject line of this blog says Kit is ridiculous.

❤ ridiculously talented

❤ ridiculously kind

❤ ridiculously giving

Go show her page and her shop some ridiculous love back!