In honor of my new word, Calm, I have made a BIG change/addition to my studio for 2022.

In looking back at the past few years and looking forward to new plans I knew I had to do something.

Henry Ford said, “If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Got.” What I’ve been doing has served me, until now. 

Now I need to:

🐾 Increase the quality of my photos and videos.

🐾 Give even more attention at sessions.

🐾 Have more energy even after big productions.

🐾 More behind the scenes photos and videos to share with you.

While expressing all these needs to a fellow photographer recently I suggested that I would need an assistant this year.

Two days later he texted that he would like to be considered!

So a few meetings later and I can now officially announce the addition of Frank Goss to EVERY session!

Frank owns and is also a professional pet and people photographer and videographer.

We have been friends and colleagues for years. You have likely seen us working at the shelters for many, many years.

Frank will be joining as a contractor not an employee. He will continue to run his business but has thankfully signed up to work with me on all photo and video sessions.

(We recently filmed a video on my ProPetPhotog teaching YouTube channel here about this announcement too.)

What does this mean for you?

🐾 It means I will always have extra hands to help with your pets.

🐾 I can concentrate on the photography while Frank will set up lights and equipment.

🐾 He will be sure all items are gathered at locations, watch for any distractions in the environment, and double check details like jewelry and hair in place.

🐾 And he is wonderful with ALL pets AND the most kind human.

And all these perks at no extra cost to you!

Big welcome to the Amazing Frank Goss!

COVID NOTE: Frank is fully (triple vaccinated) as am I. And will wear n95 masks on location. He may not come to in-home sessions or in small facilities during Covid outbreaks. And you can request he not be present.

My calendar is opened to new photo and video projects and I would love to have a calm, no-pressure consult with you. Click here to pick a date.