In my studio and in my business, I am constantly striving for inclusivity and safety within my businesses. I want people of all cultures, ethnicities, abilities, religions and identities and lifestyles to feel welcome at Silver Paw Studio.

As a straight white woman I do not have lived experience to draw on from every community and I inherently have privilege in our society. So I regularly do what I call Privilege Pondering.

Where do I have a privilege, an internal racism, ableism, belief, or homophobia or transphobia that needs to be questioned and changed. I examine where you might not feel welcomed, or it wouldn’t be a safe space or any cultural appropriation.

I want you to know that I am constantly striving for inclusion and understanding and creating safe spaces for everyone.

If you find that I’m doing something that could be violating that, I invite you to call me out and I will definitely examine myself, my actions and my words and make changes to be sure that you feel safe and heard and appreciated.

As long as I am learning better, I will promise to do better. Here’s to an inclusive and loving world for everyone!