In the moment

I just returned from seeing family and have to share this endearing image of my daughter, Amber and her son Henry.

Baby Henry with Mom Amber

Every afternoon Henry took some time loudly contemplating taking his much needed nap. Amber patiently and lovingly would pace, pat, and shhhh until he fell asleep in her arms. He is growing quickly and she wont be able to have this afternoon ritual forever.

One day I decided to get my “big camera” out and freeze time with a few photos in front of her front window sheer curtains. Wedding photos adorn the back wall and her pup Ranger and kitty Stormy roamed at our feet.

Of the hundreds of photos I created on this trip this series is one of my favorite.

I am a planner and a sentimental person. That seems to always keep me in the future or the past. We are constantly bombarded with the saying “LIVE IN THE MOMENT”.

But when we are engrossed in our passions, concentrating on a project, and revelling with family on vacation we are gifted with those rare glimpses into what it means to Live in the Moment.

Spending time with Amber and her family for the first time in two years I made a conscious effort to be present as much as possible. I soaked up every day. Mostly we were at home working with Henry’s schedule. We had no agenda for activities, conversations or planning.

I can sink into the past to the point of wallowing and fuss over the future to the point of sleeplessness. But how is that effecting TODAY?

How can I savor more moments with Steve, Bailey, clients, friends and family?

I can remember these photos of Amber and Henry. Appreciate that fleeting feeling of warmth, and comfort, and love.

What moments do you want to live in?