Some things I do on photo sessions are completely natural and instinctive. But are hilarious if you’ve never witnessed my weirdness.

  • Meow like a kitty.
  • Whistle.
  • Say “good job!” a million times.
  • Lay in the dirt.
  • Bounce toys off my head.
  • Put treats on top of my camera.

These activities and more prompted a recent client to laugh and say “You should give me the GoPro so I can record all of the sounds you make.”

To his surprise at the next location I turned on the GoPro and handed it to him! He did a fantastic job as you can see on the Facebook video here.

My amazing client and friends, Jamie and Matt, let me film the entire session of their foster pups at the studio. Watch the shenanigans here on YouTube.

I can confidently and proudly proclaim that I embrace my weird, my awkward, my different.

Perhaps that’s what draws me to be in this profession. All pets have their quirks, their story, and their personality. As do all humans.

I especially embrace those that society doesn’t always accept.

For pet’s that can be bully breeds, or elderly pets, or dogs that have anxiety.

For people that can be as simple as a unique hairstyle or as core as their identity.

I am a lifelong learner. I am continually learning the behaviour and characteristics of dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

And I am learning and unlearning bias, racism, ableisms and so much more.

It is not up to any of these individuals to teach me their truths. It’s up to me to accept them. Period.

Just as I hope for acceptance of my weirdness, idiosyncrasies and individuality.

I photograph your pets and you as you are most comfortable. We work together to find the best locations, times and conditions. We craft the session to create art you can admire hanging in your home and holding in your hands.

We take all that is weird and wonderful and combine it all into photos you are proud of and will cherish for years. So let’s be weird together!