This morning on Instagram a children’s clothing shop let people know that in Larimer County we are temporarily in an indoor mask mandate again for COVID 19. They pleaded with their followers to be nice to their staff while they follow the mandate.

One person responded in a very cruel post that they need to “Wake Up!!! And Don’t be Stupid.” And yes they used three exclamation points. Awful right?

Putting aside warping politics into a global health crisis, the rampant and dangerous mis-information campaigns, and flat out abusing privilege…Let’s Play a Game.

Let’s pretend that for the next three weeks 100% of people who could be vaccinated safely did so.

Let’s pretend that 100% of people wore masks indoors (except at home, duh).

Let’s pretend that this saves lives.

AND let’s pretend that in just three short weeks we could all go back to not wearing masks or having everything delivered.

In three weeks more people didn’t die of a preventable disease.

In three weeks those waiting for medical help weren’t being turned away due to lack of space.

WE have the power.

Listen, I don’t want to wear a @$^* mask again either. But I will.

In my studio I will be wearing a mask.

Not just because have to as a business, I will for sheer compassion for my fellow humans.

I will also NOT be tolerating hateful and cruel comments like the one I saw on IG today. Let’s show our communities, neighbors, friends and family and future generations that we gave a damn. That we came together and with a very simple and small gesture saved each other’s lives.

Who’s with me?

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