How to stop your cat (or dog) from ruining your meetings

Don’t you just love having your pets be part of video meetings, webinars and job interviews?

Barking, meowing, knocking over equipment…generally wreaking havoc and spinning your meeting out of control. It’s the best.

Maybe you have even tried the dreaded Lawyer Cat filter. Horrors.

This is how my pets join my video calls. Bailey in the purple flowers and my little Libby who has been gone 4 years now. (And of course a sampling of my client work)

When I am sitting by myself on a call I feel surrounded by adorable furbabies watching over my shoulder. 

It is not only comforting to me it adds a bit of warmth and whimsy to the people attending the meeting too.

Can you imagine every physical meeting room and board room and office everywhere decorated with adorable dogs, cats and other pets? What a dream!

For now let’s begin with your space.

Through April I am offering to spruce up YOUR office walls. Choose images from a past session or a photo session we do by the end of April.

All 16×20 or larger canvas prints are on sale for $50 off! This applies to photos taken at past sessions or for a canvas print ordered on a session coming up in the next month (sessions done through April 2021).

This material is not reflective, is durable, and has nice dimension. All the canvas prints in my office are 16×20 and look wonderful mixed in with signs, lamp and other decor.

Simply email me at to order a print from a past session or to schedule a new session.

Let’s make a truly unique Zoom Room for you!

$50 coupon for 16x20 canvas wrap