Handling Overwelm

In December I felt overwhelmed and frankly a bit burnt out. My quest to create or upload content every day to YouTube along with other endeavors had me on a rollercoaster.

One day feeling on top of it all and another day not wanting to pick up a camera.

It’s taken me decades to read the symptoms in myself and what to do.

When Epic Kate asked me to her Conversations show on YouTube we both felt overwhelm would be a timely topic for creators and beyond.

Kate’s channel is all about building communities, living authentically and sharing.

We covered overwhelm and burnout, YouTube, being too much or not enough, and what it means to be authentically yourself.

She is incredibly easy to talk to and I could have kept going all afternoon. But her twin four year olds needed her to play at some point at their home in Sweden.

This chat is a little vulnerable for me, but if it can help anyone through the highs and lows of life I want to share.

Here is the link to the video. If you love Kate (and I know you will) give her channel a follow and some love too.

 Epic Kate YouTube Thumbnail