Green Screens are the WORST

Spooky floating bodies, “the” tropical beach, and phasing in and out of reality like a b-rate sci fi show. We’ve all been there. Either personally or as a witness to this phenomenon.

Zoom green screens. Yes, they are the WORST. How have we lived with this as our office “decor” for a year?

Aren’t you ready for a change?

I call my office “The Green Room” because all the walls used to actually be green and I like the hollywood sound. Not because I use the walls to project a digital background.

In fact I have intentionally decorated the walls and shelf behind me to be a kind of “Set” for my livestreams and Zoom calls. I get all kinds of compliments and just love being able to see all the cuteness in the call like they are hanging out with me.

If you would like to spruce up and personalize YOUR SET I am offering a special. All 16×20 or larger canvas prints are on sale for $50 off! This applies to photos taken at past sessions or for a canvas print ordered on a session coming up in the next month (sessions done through April 2021).

This material is not reflective, is durable, and has nice dimension. All the canvas prints in my office are 16×20 and look wonderful mixed in with signs, lamp and other decor.

Simply email me at to order a print from a past session or to schedule a new session.

Let’s make a truly unique Zoom Room for you!

$50 coupon for 16x20 canvas wrap