“But don’t you want to adopt them all??”

This has to be the number one question people ask when they learn I photograph 100’s of adoptable animals every year.

After 6 1/2 years of volunteering at animal rescues and causes nearly every week I have the same answer every time:

“My job is to connect animals to their next home.” Period.

My biggest joy is hearing stories from the rescues or the adopters, “When I saw their picture on-line I knew they were for me.” This warms my heart and fuels me to come back week after week. And to train other pet photographers.

Photos not only show their size, color, and breed but more importantly their demeanor and personality.

Technical expertise, photography knowledge, behaviour training, and great helpers all pave the path for great portraits. Once all these are in place I can concentrate on all the personality, nuances, highlights, and everything that makes them unique.

BIG smiles, patient sits for treats, goofy rolling on the floor, alert and attentive -these ALL need to come through in their portraits.

When you are scrolling through adoption sites this is where the connection happens. This is where families grow.

This is why I do it.

adult orange cat in studio
husky dog with golden eyes and colorful bandana
kitten playing with colorful toys
smiling dog in snow with flower collar
black kitten meowing
dog with business tie shaking hand