Does Gear Matter?

Every industry has it’s insider tension. For photographers we have an intense on-going debate “Does Gear Matter?” Nearly every day I read in a photography forum asking for advice on what gear to buy. Then inevitable another photographer will say something cheeky like “Gear Doesn’t Matter”.

Obviously gear matters is my knee jerk answer. But in my defense I mean that as a photographer I have to have some kind of Camera Gear. Painters have brushes, cooks have ovens, mechanics have wrenches. Photographers have cameras.

What particular gear is used is completely up to the photographer. You have to choose based on what you photograph, your style and your budget.

You may eve be adept at photography with your phone. Great! (BTW if you need help with phone photography check out my course here.)

As a professional I have cycled through several iterations of gear. At this point I am completely obsessed with Sony cameras. This week I share what is in my camera bag in 2021 on YouTube.

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Rest assured that when you hire me as a photographer or videographer I have you covered! I am constantly evaluating my gear to cater to my style and my client’s needs.

Above and far beyond gear though I bring soooooo much more to a photo or video session. Knowledge of animal behavior, how to keep everyone comfortable, safety of people and animals, photography techniques and lighting and more.

I have you covered from skills to gear. If you are ready to chat about your photography or video needs simply call, text or email. I would love to catch up with you!