Monday morning 6:30 am coffee with Steve before work found me staring into the distance. Already exhausted my mind wandered to one of the landscape photographers I follow on YouTube.

If only my life were that simple. Hike to a pretty location, take gorgeous photos, and film the experience for YouTube. That career path seemed serene, fun and sustainable. From my side of the screen.

Quickly I reminded myself that my view of their life was not accurate. I only saw 20 minutes of their entire life that week. Of course they have struggles and setbacks. Of course they are tired on Monday mornings.

Of course they wish they could have the seemingly simple life of someone they admire.

I struggle with the persona I put forth into the world with my social media and YouTube channels. Do I portray a life that is all roses and no thorns? 

In my YouTube video this week I give a transparent look behind the scenes of the first week of July in my life and business. Two versions. 

1. The “How’s Your Business Going?” or podcast version.

2.  The version including The Other Side. The full picture of each event – the roses and the thorns.

I felt compelled to film this video to give others hope on down days. To help with the sticky trap of comparison. To find joy in all the good and the bad.

As Theodore Roosevelt said “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”. The more we wish we had someone else’s life the less we concentrate on our own. The more we rob ourselves of the life WE envision.

The next time you have a tough day, financial pitfalls and overwhelm remember you are not alone.

Even the people we admire and revere the highest have lows and struggles every day too.

Give yourself a pat on the back for the unique life you have created. Good job!