This weekend I celebrated 52 rollercoaster years on this pale blue dot. Over 10 of those years have been pursuing a photography career.

During these 5 decades my personal story is likely on the surface very similar to yours.

Highlights and tragedies. Loved ones found and lost. Crushing world events and moving human endurance. Laughing, crying, stomping and sullenness. Through it all I cherish friends and family and strive for connection and belonging.

Part of being a photographer is showcasing our now. Our loved ones. Smiling at ourselves on the wall. Touching an photo of a long lost pet. Validating and celebrating our individual experience.

That’s why I host coffee hour every Tuesday. I want to connect with you. I want to know you. I want to provide an open and curious space.

Sound good? Join me (with or without your pups) as I unlock the studio every Tuesday morning from 8:00-9:00 am. Coffee will be ready for you. 

striped tabby kitten standing up with paws spread out
black and white poodle jumping up on a yellow studio backdrop
white and black dog running with a blue ball in his mouth wearing pink dog goggles
basket of eight week old tan and white cavalier king charles spaniel puppies in a woven basket
family and dogs on motorcycle in back yard posing for group photo
three month old brown and white puppy loungin on grey chair in studio with blue background
small brown dog sitting in playground tunnel shaped like a face
bull dog with tongue out at a lake with setting sun behind him