Horsetooth Reservoir at Lory State Park is the place to go to beat the summer heat.  An early morning romp with Diego & Daisy started my day last Tuesday. By 9:00 we arrived at the trailhead and meandered our way to a shady area. They knew tennis balls and splashing in the lake were next on the agenda but tried so hard to pose patiently for formal portraits. We wanted the dogs clean and dry for these images before letting them loose to run in the mud! Being the well-mannered pups they are the formal photos only took a few minutes.

Cattle Dogs at Horsetooth Blog 1 Silver Paw Studio

Daisy is a new addition to this family but quickly took her place as little sister to Diego. Don’t they look like they’ve been together forever?

Cattle Dogs at Horsetooth Blog 2 Silver Paw Studio

After about 30 minutes we took them down to the water. These two cattle dogs love their playtime! Tennis balls, water, mud, and grass flew all around.

Their adorable friends “the minis” joined in the fun too. Faith and Kenna are miniature Australian shepherds who regularly meet up with Diego and Daisy for playtime. I had a blast sitting in the grass photographing all the antics. I’m pretty sure the four of them had a fun time also.

Cattle Dogs at Horsetooth Blog 3 Silver Paw Studio

Diego and Daisy are livin’ the good life with a devoted pet parent. Anisha is the proud mom of Diego and Daisy and a good friend of mine. This summer she begins school at Colorado State University (CSU) in the Veterinary program! In a few short years we will all be addressing her as Dr. Anisha. So exciting!

Thanks everyone for an entertaining day at the park!

PS: They have a little kitty sister that I will be photographing soon too.

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