Many, many photographers I know have a partner that is not excited about photography.

When on a trip the photographer wants to stop at every pretty scene, blooming flower and soaring eagle. The camera comes out which prompts a sigh to escape from the non-photographer. Photographer wants to hang out for an hour and non-photographer is ready to move on to the next scene.

So the outcome is that many wildlife, nature and landscape photographers pursue their hobby solo. This has many perks if the photographer loves quiet days in nature!

However it can also be lonely. Especially if that is the main hobby of that person.

Somehow the stars aligned a few years ago when I met my husband Steve and the first thing we learned about each other in that book store was that we both enjoy photography. How lucky am I?

For a few months now I have been desperately attempting to convince him we should start our own YouTube channel. There are no other couples in this niche and it would be fun to have a record of our adventures.

I had almost given up on the idea until a few weeks ago. While discussing what we wanted to do over the weekend Steve said, “Well we need to record a video.” I nearly jumped out of the hottub. “Really? Woohoo!”

I herby announce the debut of…..

My incredible editor Katie has crafted the and the first full episode will air this Sunday.

If you want to see some Colorado sites, learn a little about photography, and watch the two of us fumble through this new endeavor please check it out and Subscribe.

We are letting our goofiness, imperfectness and enthusiasm wander so it will not be a stuffy how-to channel. (Guess I am working on that pesky Authenticity in my own way.)