Wildlife Photography Hobby

My schedule showed “Film 2021 Pet Photography Gear” video.  There really was no way I was actually going to the studio to film that video. I couldn’t pull myself away from my little binoculars.

January in Colorado is migrating bald eagle season. The pond near my home is a favorite snack stop for many eagles. Lizzie and Steve built a little shelf in the dining room for the binoculars and bird identification books. Under that shelf sits our “wildlife” camera.

Side note: For camera fans it’s a Sony A9ii with the 200-600mm lens. A beast to hand hold but I am learning.

At least once a day a bald eagle swoops in scaring away all the geese. They grab fish dropped by the seagulls or dive down to snatch one from the water themselves.

Wildlife photography is my main hobby these days and I have an incredible amount to learn. Behavior, migration, identification, stealthiness, camera settings and so much more.

When I am feeling burnt out, distracted or overwhelmed going outside is the perfect balm. Naturally I venture outside most of the time with a camera.

On the day I ditched my Gear video I took a chance that I could somehow film one of those quick moments of photographing a bald eagle. In the end I am particularly proud of this video.

1. I zigged when I didn’t feel like creating. Being outside is recharging for me so I changed my plan for the week and went with it.
2. The vlog, educational, and inspiring mix is what I am striving for in my content.

3. The timing of the recording is not to be believed.

Here is a small taste of the images I created while filming. Check out the full video on YouTube – Bald Eagle Photography with Sony A9 ii and 200-600mm Lens.

juvenile bald eagle flying juvenile bald eagle flying juvenile bald eagle flying