From just this photo can you guess what kind of dog we have?

grid of photos of Cooper the Basset Hound

10 points if you guessed Basset Hound! Can you tell this little one loves his hooman soooo much? He did so good for his very first photo session at the park, we didn’t even need to use treats! He happily trotted through the park after his dad. Don’t worry, he wore a leash but through  the magic of my editing skilz it magically disappeared. 

I know you were thinking it. Those EARS! One of the adorable features of a basset hound is their gloriously long and floppy soft ears. Somehow they seem even longer, floppier and softer on puppies. He managed to not fly away during his photo session and posed like a pro.

Basset Beans are cute and squishy too! (Beans = Toes) What is it about dog (and cat) toes that draw our attention? We often look straight to puppy feet to determine how big they might get. For me I just want to give them little paw massages. Soft, warm and squishy puppy beans make me smile.

Cooper is the name of the little Basset Hound puppy. A couple years ago Cooper’s dad lost his beloved Jack, also a Basset Hound, and hadn’t had the heart to adopt another. He kept busy fostering for High Country Basset Hound Rescue here in Colorado. When a call came in that a mama and her puppies were being transported from Kansas High Country Basset Hound Rescue called to give him first pick. He drove halfway to Kansas to meet the transport not knowing if he would bring home the mama, a puppy, or an empty truck. That afternoon he texted me a photo of him and little Cooper.

Even as puppies basset hounds have soulful, gentle eys. Cooper showed off all his sides: goofy, playful, sweet and sassy during his first puppy photo session. When his dad saw the portraits he was awe struck. From his vantage point Cooper was a tangled, distracted puppy frolicking this way and that through the park. Knowing the area, having a plan in place and using all my secret tricks and technical skills we created a gallery full of images from their 15 minute session. 

Our pet’s are family and we cherish every moment we have from puppyhood to the golden years.

“Tales with Tails” means telling you and your pet and animal stories. Photography like Cooper’s showcased here is one way to tell your “Tales with Tails”. Whether you hire me or use your phone I encourage everyone to chronicle life with your animals. Everyday moments, milestones, activities and interaction. Those times are fleeting especially in the too short lives of our furry family members. How will you highlight your Tales with Tails today?

Here we met Basset Hound puppy, Cooper. You saw three photos of his very first portrait session at 12 weeks old. We told Cooper’s Tale with a Tail.

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Find out more here. I look forward to telling your Tales with Tails.