140 adoptable dogs and cats photographed in 2020.

For nearly 6 years I’ve photographed adoptable dogs and cats at Animal Friends Alliance every week with very few exceptions. Until 2020.

In January and February of 2020 I had major surgery and moved house which required me to take a few weeks off.

By early March we had moved and all the doctors gave the thumbs up to resume all my normal activities. Mid-March the pandemic hit the US full force and Colorado started shutting down.

Rescues scrambled to figure out how to continue. Volunteers walk dogs, do laundry, prep enrichment, pull weeds and photograph the animals. All volunteering came to a screeching halt.

Wanting to help I immediately filmed a video showing fosters how to photograph their adoptables at home on their own. Then I waited.

Four long snowy months later at the very end of June with all safety protocols in place volunteers were slowly invited back. Oh happy tears! (Actual teary footage here) I met Frank at the cat campus, gave him an air hug, and we photographed all the adoptable kitties.

Incredibly in that first part of the year adoptions for dogs and cats skyrocketed! With many people suddenly home nearly all day they added new furry family members in record numbers. Even through the end of the year all the animals were being adopted quickly.

So while I couldn’t photography many adoptable animals this year I am not too disappointed as the whole point is to get them all adopted faster!

In total when I counted everyone who modeled for me I photographed 108 dogs and 34 cats.

I will never take for granted again the time I am allowed to spend every week with all of these animals, the staff and the volunteers. They truly bring a smile to my face and shining bright spot to each and every week.

Here is a hyper fast video of all the dogs.

Photo grid of the 108 adoptable dog photos





 Here is a video nearly as fast of all the kitties.

 Photo grid of the 32 adoptable cat photos