Now that Fluffy and Fido are camera ready it’s, your turn!

10 Tips to Prepare People for Portraits

mustache top hat

1. Sleep does wonders for our body. Get a good night’s rest before your photos.

2. Make sure no pesky coffee crumbs are hiding out. Brush your teeth right before your session.

3. Even if you think they won’t be in the photos, file or paint your nails.

4. Avoiding jumping on a new hairstyle right before your session. If possible get those haircuts about a week before.

5. Men need to trim facial hair to desired look.

6. Choose clothing that is comfortable with minimal patterns. Bring a few options to your session if you are unsure.

7. Clothing should compliment your animals. If you have a white cat then wearing a white shirt would blend you both together. A light blue shirt, for instance, would look good with a white kitty.

8. Consider bringing props. A favorite scarf, heirloom jewelry, trophy, etc.

 9. Tame the hangry. Have a snack or a meal before the session.

10. Arrive with a smile 🙂

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