Life Happens Quickly

Why Have Portraits Made? Part 2 In my last post we talked about how often and why you should have professional portraits done. I told you about a local family with the mom of the family was diagnosed with cancer. You can read all about it here. Today I want to talk...

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Every Year Except One

Why Have Portraits Made? Part 1 Why should I have professional family portrait taken and how often? This is a common question for my studio. Generally I suggest a portrait session every year. Yearly portrait sessions are especially important if you have a puppy or...

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CaPAWtal City Petfest 2016

CaPAWtal City Petfest June 11, 2016 Join me Saturday, June 11, 2016 For the CaPAWtal City Pet Fest in Cheyenne Wyoming. Hosted by Black Dog Animal Rescue and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Register for the Dog Jog and explore the Petfest! Stop by my booth at the Petfest...

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BlogPaws or Bust!

Do you struggle with dark (underexposed) images? Do you ever pick up your camera and suddenly have a creative block? Do you want a couple quick tips on post processing? Do you want to volunteer at animal rescues but are not sure where to start? Come to my session!...

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